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A Coruña Green Port

The Port Authority is taking an important step in the strategy of transforming its activity with a view to ecological transition with the "A Coruña Green Port" project, which aims to serve as a catalyst for energy innovation in the industrial sector in the surrounding area, through the use of renewable energies with zero emissions into the atmosphere, and the creation of an industrial energy and marine pole.


The strategy of the outer port of A Coruña is fully aligned with the sustainable development objectives of the United Nations, fundamentally in the part corresponding to climate action, contributing decisively to decarbonisation and promoting the reduction of the carbon footprint, through the implementation of more sustainable logistic and industrial activities.


The “A Coruña Green Port” project is based on the following strategic lines of action:

  • The green hydrogen value chain and its integration into the petrochemical and logistics industrial activity.
  • Digitalisation and modernisation of companies located in the port.
  • Development of offshore wind renewable energies and development of knowledge hubs.
  • Energy storage and electrification of the port.
  • Industrial transformation and production of biofuels, as substitutes for traditional fuels.



All these projects will have a major impact on employment generation, as well as on the reduction of CO2 emissions, with an expected reduction of at least 800,000 tonnes per year. The project will also contribute to boosting the ecological transition of the surrounding industrie.


In recent months we have witnessed important developments in the outer port of A Coruña. The company Inditex has applied for a concession for the installation of 3 wind turbines, which will supply the electricity necessary for the operation of its installations in Sabón, as well as for the port's own self-consumption.


This investment is in addition to the project presented by the company Enerfin, part of the Elecnor group, which has applied for a concession for the production and distribution of green hydrogen in the outer harbour, which will be used for transport mobility.


Recently, other companies have shown their interest in new developments in the outer harbour and the Port Authority is working on and analysing other projects for the generation of renewable energies and initiatives to position the facilities of Punta Langosteira as a support port for the offshore wind export industry.


All of this is part of this philosophy and these projects will contribute to shaping the great port of the 21st century. A great hub for decarbonisation, industry and logistics.


Green Port strategic lines
Green Port strategic lines