Welcome from the Chairman of the Port Authority

Mr. Enrique Losada Rodríguez

The Port Authority of A Coruña finds itself at one of the most crucial moments of its history. The execution and commissioning of the New Port Facilities in Punta Langosteira has marked a new turning point in the development of our port. We are now presented with the opportunity of becoming one of the great driving forces behind economic progress and the creation of employment in Galicia, a task in which we are working tirelessly, fully aware that many challenges still remain. Activity in the Outer Port, where goods loading and unloading operations have been consolidated, will not only allow us to extend our growth capacity, but also to comply with the principal missions that have driven this project: maritime safety and environmental excellence.


After the complex process of building the facilities and the commissioning thereof in September 2012, our objective is now focus on the transfer of operators and the marketing of Punta Langosteira, with the attraction of new top-level international investors to consolidated us as a hub port for energy products and other goods which are highly relevant in our port, such as agri-food bulks.


With regard to the transfer, we are pleased to confirm the commitment of our large customers with Punta Langosteira. High-profile operators in the port are already handling cargo in their warehouses, and they will soon be followed by other cutting-edge companies operating in A Coruña. With regard to our marketing plan, we are fully focused on negotiating with the principal companies of the great powers of international sea transport.

While we continue making progress in our challenge of attaining maximum economic, industrial and social performance in the Outer Port, we are also continuing to promote traffic in the inner port, where fresh fish is still in the leading positions in the national rankings, and passenger cruiser traffic is booming.


In all our actions, our mission is, and always will be, to provide efficient services, creating opportunities to improve competitiveness and promoting the economic development of the area within the framework of sustainable growth.


To achieve these goals, it is essential to nourish the port-city relationship, which is evident in actions on which we work jointly with A Coruña City Council, such as the urbanisation of the Parrote and La Marina areas, opening up an area of over 50,000 m² for the use of citizens.


Support from institutions, government agencies and bodies committed to the city is the best possible ally in the development of our activity, the fundamental aim of which is the economic and social well-being of our setting.

D. Enrique Losada Rodríguez
D. Enrique Losada Rodríguez